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Pinball Backglass Replacement, Before and After: 1968 Williams Pit Stop

Over time the backglass on your vintage pinball machine's backbox may get damaged, faded, chipped or cracked. Take this pre-restoration image from a 1968 Williams Pit Stop machine as an example, the lower left corner of the backglass has been the victim of time. The paint has chipped off and faded to the point of missing a major element of the artwork.

Here at we have you covered! We are licensed to restore and reproduce a replacement for your machine. As you can see in the second image, this machine has come back to life with one of our backglasses. This Pit Stop machine owner opted for an acrylic reproduction, a great choice for a backglass replacement. Acrylic is 30 times stronger than glass and with our high quality prints, you won't notice the difference! Although, if you want to keep original manufactured parts on your machine, we also have a large collection of Used and New Old Stock backglasses!

If you are looking to restore your pinball machine’s backglass, browse our collection of the artwork we have ready to print by clicking the link below. If you cannot find your machine, contact us as we are always adding new backglass images to our collection. We will seek out the backglass art or create a restored image from a photograph of your machine!

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