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1958 Gottlieb Sunshine Pinball Machine: Before & After Backglass Restoration

Here at, we understand how awesome it is to be the owner of a vintage pinball machine. We also understand the not so awesome feeling of seeing your machine's backglass fade and chip away by the hands of time. Take this image of an original 1958 Gottlieb, Sunshine as an example. The backglass is missing art elements and has cracking and discoloration throughout.

With only 1,100 units manufactured, it can be a nightmare to try to source an original replacement. This is why we started creating Acrylic Reproductions, so you can restore your machine's backbox to its original glory! Take this image to the right of a 1958 Gottlieb, Sunshine acrylic reproduction we made as an example.

With licensing agreements from the original manufacturers, we have done the hard work in sourcing the backglass images and restoring them to original print quality. Not only do our reproductions look as good as the original glass, they are 30 times stronger.

If you are looking to restore your Pinball machine’s backglass, click the link below and browse our collection of the artwork we have ready to print. If you cannot find your machine, contact us as we are always adding new backglass images to our collection. We will seek out the backglass art or create a restored image from a photograph of your machine!

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