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Collector's Corner

Welcome to the Collector’s Corner, a home for anyone that has one or more pinball machines or backglass in their collection.  We are looking for any collectors that are interested in helping us build an Archive of backglass images.  The goal is to find and archive all backglass manufactured by all former manufacturers of pinball machines.  It is surprising, amazing, and alarming to realize that the manufacturers for 7 decades never saved any of their own art of the backglass. Pinball Art USA has been licensed to find them all and digitalize and archive them.

Please join with us in this effort to collect all backglass images and archive them for the enjoyment of all pinball enthusiasts Worldwide.


Collectors typically love and enjoy playing pinball and

collecting pinball machines and backglass.  Collectors are enthusiasts and they know other collectors or  enthusiasts that enjoy and love playing

pinball and collecting pinball memorabilia. Let’s unite and work  together to achieve this

goal. Please contact

us for further details.


Dick McNicholas

Pinball Backglass

Bonus Super Bell

Mfr: Keeney

1940 - 1946

Type: Slot Machine

Subtype: Console

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