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wanting to buy an image that you want to replace, you can determine your price of our backglass reproductions with what its sq. ft. measurements are.

Here is the formula to figure what your pricing will be:  A square foot is calculated by multiplying the width by the height.  

Example:  12" x 12" = 144" sq. inches or one square foot.  A backglass measuring 28.5" x 25.75" = 733.87" sq. inches.  733.87" divided by 144" sq. inches = 5.09 sq. ft.  Simply check your square footage to that of the prices in our price list.

Acrylic Backglass Reproduction Pricing

After 2 years of developing  our backglass reproductions on acrylic we have concluded that our price was discriminatory and subjective.  We were charging the same price across the board for the smallest and largest.  This was not fair to the purchasers of the smallest backglass prints.  We also found that as things progressed recent price increases for the highest quality acrylic best suited for inkjet printing left us little to no profit.  The new prices will represent a much fairer value to the smallest sizes of acrylic prints and incorporate a fair price for all levels of production.

Our backglass prices are organized in groups measured by the square footage.  If you are

             PRICE LIST

Sale Levels       PRICE        Size Sq. Ft.

MINI                  $185         0 - .999 sq. ft.

X SMALL           $295          1 - 1.9 sq. ft.

SMALL               $395          2 - 3.9 sq. ft.

MEDIUM           $450          4 - 4.9 sq. ft.

LARGE               $495           5 - 5.9 sq. ft.

X LARGE            $595          6 sq. ft. - UP


Made on Demand in the USA

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