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Firecracker February 1970 Bally Pinball Machine Acrylic Backglass, Four Player Electro - Mechanical, Production: 2,800, Designer: Harry Williams, Artist: Christian Marche, Theme: Celebration, Festivities.  Pinball Backglass part #BF70 acrylic reproduction

Firecracker 1970 Bally Acrylic Backglass

  • Step 1 – Select your backglass/es and complete the payment process through the Cart. 

    Step 2 – Once the payment has been completed and received, step 2 will begin.  The second step involves the packaging of the backglass and estimates of the cost of shipping and insurance coverage.

    Shipping glass requires the assurance that the glass is well protected from breakage and that insurance coverage from damage is procured.  Once we have your order and shipping address, we will invoice you via PayPal for all shipping costs and insurance.  This could take a few days to process.  Once your payment via PayPal is completed and thoroughly processed, your order will be released for shipping.  You will be notified at this time when your order will ship and when it is expected to arrive.  You will also receive your tracking number at this time.

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